The very best stories from 32 years of professional writing.
I published my first horror tale back in 1981 in the 14th Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories. Since then, my dark fiction has appeared in Pan Horror, Fontana Great Ghost Stories, Weird Tales, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Cemetery Dance magazine, Hitchcock’s, The Black Book of Horror, Best New Horror, and dozens more anthologies and magazines ... and the best are now collected here.

Creatures from the sea and space … and sometimes even both. Phantoms from a city’s history, and from a middle-aged man’s haunted past. The perils of computer dating, and the dangers posed by creatures that you cannot even see. And very worst of all, the monsters created by an innocent young child’s imagination.

Three friends go on a fishing trip that turns out badly wrong, and another three attend a bullfight held at midnight. A travelling circus and a lone performer both provide terrifying forms of ‘entertainment.’ A newly homeless man finds out the dark truth lurking at the heart of our great cities. And a Catholic priest discovers even darker horrors at a mission deep in Africa.
A lonely man embarks on an affair with a beautiful woman in Rome, not realizing the price. A broke musician goes to look after his aged aunt, and discovers the awful truth behind a nursing home’s façade. You’ll find the ancient Chinese gods here and the threat they pose, the serial-killing worshippers of Jack the Ripper, and even the origins of Abraham van Helsing and how he became a vampire hunter in the first place.

Here are 36 stories that will quicken your heart and freeze the very marrow in your bones. They are:

‘Too Good to be True,’ ‘Beautiful Stranger,’ ‘The Waiters,’ ‘The Spanish Portrait,’ ‘Birchiam Pier,’ ‘Hamadryad,’ ‘At the Church of St. Jack the Ripper,’ ‘The Crows,’ ‘The Cat, the Ladder, & the Man Mo Shrine,’ ‘Mr. Smyth,’ ‘Shadows,’ ‘By a Dark Canal,’ ‘The Black Lake,’ Headlamps,’ ‘Lightning Dogs,’ ‘Siafu,’ ‘The Moon Also Rises,’ ‘The Lords of Zero,’ ‘Child of Ice,’ ‘Misdirection,’ ‘Discards,’ ‘Night Game,’ ‘The Cure,’ ‘At the Circus of the Dead,’ ‘The In-Betweeners,’ ‘Non-Existent Cats,’ ‘The Brother,’ ‘Man, You Gotta See This,’ ‘The Sentinels,’ ‘The Irrigators,’ ‘Gone-Away Bay,’ ‘Streets of the City,’ ‘Our Lady of the Shadows,’ ‘After Dark,’ ‘Pages From a Broken Book,’ and ‘A Matter of Avoiding Crowds.’


THREE DOZEN TERRIFYING TALES is available as an eBook from Amazon Kindle, B & N Nook, and Smashwords.