Last year, Black Static magazine said of the first Raine’s Landing novel, “All that remains is to wait patiently for the sequel and find out what else Richards has in store for these people and us.” And Toni V. Sweeney on Amazon said, “The ending practically says ‘Sequel on the way!” and I certainly hope that’s true because there would seem to be much more to the story of Ross Devries and the others, and I know that readers are going to want to see it.”

Well, now the wait is over.

Centuries ago, the Salem witches founded the village of Raine’s Landing, then cloaked it in magic to hide it from sight. Many of their descendants still practice the supernatural arts -- and no one who lives here can ever leave.

Now evil has breached its boundaries once again …

A serial killer with a corrupt and twisted soul, Cornelius Hanlon has freely entered Raine’s Landing, undeterred by the ancient magical safeguards. And when he chooses the town’s oldest adept as his first victim, the maniac inadvertently gains possession of a powerful “gift” more terrible than anything he could have sadistically dreamed.

Ex-town cop Ross Devries and his Harley-riding sometime-partner, Cassandra Mallory, have no supernatural abilities. But they are the last line of defense in this village of secrets and shadows -- facing a psychopath who now wields the power to bend the living and the dead to his will.

 “Right up my alley. This is a supernatural suspense story that will keep you turning the pages and waiting to see what comes next” -- Fandomania.

“I enjoyed every page, and all I can say is it matches its predecessor in sheer excitement. Now, of course, I’m begging for a third book” -- Toni V. Sweeney.




‘Night of Demons’ is a selection of the Doubleday and Science Fiction Book Clubs, and is available in all good stores. Or you can buy a copy from, Barnes and Noble, Indie Bound or direct from HarperCollins.